Project Description

This project is a partnership between the Corporation of Delta, Reach Child and Youth Development Society and the Ladner Tsawwassen Kinsmen Club. The Corporation has provided the land, valued at in excess of $1 million. Reach has raised $5.5 million to ensure completion of the new centre's construction. $200,000 still to be raised to furnish the inside of the centre. 

The Lois E. Jackson Kinsmen Centre for Children is 20,000 square feet,  three storey structure, slab on grade with surface parking.

The new centre will provide

  • The new home base for Reach Child and Youth Development Society and include therapy and counseling rooms, youth program areas, specialized lending libraries and an inclusive preschool with an accessible playground.
  • An expanded events room for municipal, business and community use.
  • A club meeting space for the Kinsmen Club.
  • Space for other organizations in the community supporting children and youth with special needs.

The new centre will be

  • A place of learning and belonging for families who have children with special needs.
  • A stepping-stone for children and youth to access other community resources.
  • A demonstration site and a centre of expertise for promoting inclusion and best practices in early intervention and behavior support.

It will be situated in the heart of the community along bus and walking routes, enabling accessibility and independence for families, and children and youth with special needs.

The building of the new centre provides a unique opportunity to develop an enhanced resource that will address the needs of the community and of children and youth now and into the future. Reach Foundation would not be at this milestone without our generous donors and sponsors. We are so very grateful!

For more information contact Kristin Bibbs, Reach Fundraising Manager, at 604-946-6622 ext.367 or at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Sketch of New Reach Kinsmen Centre


Reach project partnership with Kinsmen Club of Ladner /Tsawwassen and the City of Delta 

Reach is proud to be in partnership with the Kinsmen Club of Ladner/Tsawwassen on the project to build the new Reach Centre. The project is a partnership between Reach Child and Youth Development Society, the Ladner Tsawwassen Kinsmen Club and the Corporation of Delta, which has provided theland, valued at in excess of $1 million. We are thrilled to announce that $5.5 million of the $5.7 million project funding is in place and currently Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment needs are being addressed. 

The new centre will be located at the current site of the Kinsmen House, at 5050 47th avenue in Ladner,  neighbouring the Ladner Pioneer library, Memorial park, the waterpark and Delta Senior Secondary School. The Kinsmen will have a space in the new building as their meeting room.

Please contact Kristin Bibbs at 604.946.6622 ext 367 about Reach Society fundraising initiatives. Fundraising by the Kinsmen takes place through various events they will host throughout the year.  Events include the Crab and Corn bake in October, Newfie Nights and Poker night Tournaments, and others.

History of Kinsmen Club of Ladner /Tsawwassen

“Serving the Community’s Greatest Need.”

The Kinsmen Club of Ladner/ Tsawwassen is the oldest service club in Delta, beginning in 1936. It is a service club which assists and undertakes charitable initiatives, sponsors community events and provides other services to the community. Its main focus from the beginning has been to support initiatives for children. In 1972, the Club changed its name from Kinsmen Club of Ladner to Kinsmen Club of Ladner/Tsawwassen, and moved from the Kin Village in Tsawwassen (now called the Kinsmen Retirement Centre) to the Kinsmen House at 5050 47th avenue in Ladner.

The Club is actively involved in fundraising events and in the past has staged barn dances, amateur shows and oyster dinners. They have also sponsored special needs soccer teams and local square-dancing groups. Funds raised through these events and other means have been utilized to fund various
community services and construction projects such as the building of the first health centre in Delta, the construction of Kinsmen Pioneer Library, Kinsmen House and the Kinsmen Water Park in Ladner Memorial Park.

The Kinsmen Club of Ladner/Tsawwassen invites all community-minded volunteer people to become members. 

For further information about the Kinsmen Club of Ladner/Tsawwassen contact Dave MacMillan at 604-943-8829