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Reach Foundation board members, executive director and young graduates of Reach programs, Carson and Carter, were very happy to receive a very significant donation from Fraser Surrey Docks today. CEO Jeff Scott noted it was “an opportunity to give back” and that he was “pleased and proud to participate.”

Reach has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Fraser Surrey Docks. They were gold sponsors at Reach for the Stars Galas 2013, 2014 and again this year. Jeff is also a volunteer director of the Reach Foundation Board.

We are thrilled with the momentum that our building for children together campaign is gathering. Thank you to our terrific community!

photo L:R Jeff Scott, Carter Cooksley, Tanya Corbet, Jill Buchanan, Joni Wright, Barbara Wallick, Norman Stark, Carson Cooksley, Renie D’Aquila

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