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REACH has received an incredible amount of support for families in need this Christmas and as a result were able to build amazing Christmas Hampers full of toys and food for 25 families!!  The sources of these donations are:

  • Home Depot Strawberry Hills who provided Home Depot buckets with Christmas light strands and warm Christmas blankets for each family. Additionally, the staff donated toys and non-perishable food that filled 4 huge tubs and two boxes!
  • The City of Delta who took on 11 families wish lists to purchase toys or items like clothes and shoes that were requested by the parents.
  • Lehigh Cement whose staff filled 4 boxes with toys and non-perishable good.
  • BC Fresh who donated 10lbs of potatoes, 3lbs of carrots, 3lbs of onions, shallots and squash for each of the 25 families!




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