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Reach Child Development Centre

Community Resource For Families That Have Children With Special Needs

 Child Development Programs

At Reach we offer a variety of child development programs designed to meet a wide range of needs. These include services for children & youth with autism. We have brought together professionals with expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas.

Including Early Childhood Educators, Speech Language Pathologists, Behavioural Consultants, Child Development Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Infant Development Consultants and others with extensive experience supporting families and children.

Our family centered philosophy means that your needs determine our direction. Our programs and services are modified as families’ needs change. Need help navigating our programs? REACH Programs for my Child Visual shows the age, access and geographical area in one easy image. We also offer a REACH Programs guide in Punjabi.

Programs are available in Delta, Surrey and Langley B.C.



Reach Child Development Programs

Infant Development Program

Infant Development Program

The Infant Development Program (I.D.P.) is for children under the age of 3 who are at risk for or are presenting a delay in their development.

Child Autism Program

Reach ABA - Child Autism Program

The Reach ABA program is for children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Families can use autism and at-home funding to pay for services. 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Program

Delta Connex - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Program

Program for parents, who have children that have been exposed to alcohol or drugs prenatally. Program is for children up to the age of 19

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Programs

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program

Provincially funded program that is designed to specifically meet the needs of children of Aboriginal heritage who require additional support. The program is developed with cultural values, beliefs, and traditions in mind.

Child Therapy Program

Child Therapy Program

Provides speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy to children from age birth to kindergarten entry age.

Counselling Program For Families

Reach Counseling For Children & Families

Provides counselling for families, individuals, and couples in Delta, B.C. who have a child with a developmental disability. Counselling may address a variety of issues ranging from marital stress to depression to social anxiety.

Education program for parents with special needs children

Positive Connections

The Reach Positive Connections program is a three prong approach to family support. It is comprised of parent education classes, in-home behaviour support and a support group for siblings. Please contact your CYSN social worker for more information and referral.

Supported Child Development Programs

Supported Child Development Program

In order to be effectively included in a child care setting, it’s recognized that some children may require some extra support. This program helps support children from birth to 12 years of age and In some special circumstances up the the age of 19. 

Behavior Support Child Development Programs

Behavior Support Child Development Programs

Reach Choices: Positive Behavioural Support (Individually Funded)

CHOICES is an individually funded positive behaviour support  and therapies program. We work with families who have children (up to age 18) with all types of challenging behaviours and all diagnoses. Contact us to book a virtual session with a REACH SLP, OT, PT or Behaviour Consultant. 

Positive Behavioral Support Program

Positive Behavioural Support Program

A provincially funded in-home support program for families with children with special needs, including children with autism, ages 3 to 18 years old who present with behavioural challenges.

Childcare, Social Groups & Resources

Child Care Service For Special Needs Children

Respite Care - Child Care Service

Respite care gives families temporary relief from the challenges of caring for a child with a developmental disability. Whether this relief is for a few hours, a day, a weekend or longer depends on the families needs.

Teens With Special Needs Social Group

Reach GCT TEENS Social Saturdays

Social group for youth,12-18, with developmental disabilities held at REACH Child Development Centre. This program provides outings, activities and social interactions for participants. 

Support Network For Parents With Special Needs Children

Family Connections

Resources and groups to provide support for parents with special needs children between the ages of 0-18. South Delta Parent Support Group, Delta Down Syndrome Group, New Autism Diagnosis and Punjabi Speaking Parent support group information here. 

Reach Child Development Preschools In Delta BC

Reach Developmental Preschool offers all children a stimulating, emergent program to develop their physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills to their full potential. Reach’s emergent curriculum embraces the principles of the Provincial Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Live 5-2-1-0 Program, bringing nature and healthy living into learning experiences.

The Preschool Program offers enhanced support for whole family development with an on-campus PARENT EDUCATION CENTRE where parents can find resources, learning materials and multi-disciplinary expertise from Reach’s child development experts. Further learning opportunities will be available for parents through monthly Parent Workshops and helpful online resources that parents can read and download. Currently, both preschools are open with comprehensive COVID-19 measures in place to protect your children. 

What can you expect from Reach preschool?

Highly Qualified Teachers

All of Reach’s preschool teachers are provincially certified Early Childhood and Special Needs Educators and hold current first aid certificates. All employees of Reach have been cleared through the Criminal Records Review Board.

Multi-Disciplinary Professionals

Our preschool is enhanced by working in partnership with other professionals including Speech-Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Supported Child Development Consultants, and Kla-How-Eya Association Social Workers as well as the Delta School District and the local library, public health and dental services.

Kindergarten Readiness and Skill Building

Our activities and environment are designed to promote kindergarten readiness skills including large and small motor skills, cognitive skills, creative development, self-help, communications, and socialization.

Child Development Preschool South Delta

Child Development Preschool North Delta

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